I scrapped a knuckle on the power supply trying to cram the thing into the case.

It didn’t look like it was going to work.  After all you pull a dusty hard drive out of an old machine yanked out of a dumpster and you are operating on severely reduced expectations.

But when conducting salvage operations on a shoestring budget you can whine about scraped knuckles but you’re not going to get much sympathy from customer support.

A Quantum Pro-drive LPS, I’d be lucky if it worked at all and even luckier if it had more than a 100 megs of storage on it. Old drives are next to useless but with creative double spacing and a little bit of stacking you can squeeze out enough space to load the OS anyway.

A flip of the power switch and things started to whir. It fired up and damned if it didn’t see the old Quantum, lined up as the secondary master.

 BadaBoom BadaBing windows fires up and it shows a D: drive. I give it a click. Unbelievable there it is. There is a file on there and Properties shows that that single file it eating up 95% of the available space. What in the heck could that be. Hellothere.avi

It sounded so inviting, like the smiley face on the lid of Pandora’s box.

I double clicked and since that moment nothing, and I do mean nothing, not for me, not for you, whoever you are, has been the same.

You’ve been warned.

Maybe you’d like to keep sleeping soundly at night.

Maybe you have high blood pressure.

Maybe you are under 43 inches tall, or pregnant.

Maybe you shouldn't get on this ride.